Educational Tourism / Class trips

Discovering the world through traveling is one of the most invaluable experiences. The best schools worldwide are now including class trips as part of their enrichment programmes. Certainly not only to broaden their student's knowledge but also to help them flourish as responsible and successful individuals.

In Switzerland your child will be exposed to an unequaled scenery of beauty while attending a school of excellence of your choice or as part of his school group during a leisure or ski trip.

Premium Swiss travel facilitates the process of choosing the best school for your child in Switzerland or deciding on the appropriate trip for school classes.


Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most developed European countries. High schools and Universities have excellent reputation in many fields. Its unequaled security, discretion and comfort make it the preferred destination of the wealthiest families in the world for the education of their children.

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Class Trips

Traveling in group not only reinforces friendship ties between peers but also educates the student while practicing sports and other leisure activities in a place surrounded by stunning beauty and very much appreciated for its safety.  We offer different excursions all around Switzerland.

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Ski Class trips for schools

Switzerland and the Alps are famous for their first class ski resorts. Make your school class trip be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

We offer different options in Switzerland and neighbouring France.

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