Class Trips


Premium Swiss Travel offers a large range of activities for school classes visiting Switzerland and neighbouring countries. The daily programmes are so varying and rich that on mornings, afternoons and evenings students will have the choice of up to 6 different activities. There is always something for everyone.

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Team Sport

Football, basketball, softball, volleyball, handball, soft lacrosse, netball.

Team sports are always great fun for the children. At the same time, they instil in them the importance of team work and gives them a sense of belonging while developing their strength of character as individuals.


Ski, swimming, tennis, squash, badminton, aerobics, circuit training, cross country running, mountain bikes, table tennis, street ball, ice skating.

Children will be allowed to choose from a wide range of options according to their skills and preferences.


Hiking, bowling, mini golf, art & crafts, cookery, pool, table football, playstation games, air hockey, DVD Movies, chess, board games, pictionary, frisbee games.

Leisure activities are an important part of any group trip. They reinforce the child's confidence, his sense of tolerance and the joy of discovery.


Theme Events

Fancy dress disco parties, casino nights, crazy games, silly Olympics, talent shows, karaoke nights, torchlight walks and campfires, treasure hunts, quiz nights and more will add more fun to the whole experience.

These recreational diversions are essential to the success of any trip. The children get the opportunity to be creative and inspired.


Geneva-tour including United Nation Organizations, the Water Jet, museums, exhibitions, Lausanne & the Olympic Museum, Montreux & the Chateau de Chillon, Vevey & the Games Museum or the Alimentarium,  Bern & the Zoo, the Bear Pit and the Parliament, Gruyere & it’s Cheese Factory, Broc & it’s Chocolate Factory, Gstaad, Fribourg & it’s Natural History Museum,  the Marecottes Zoo and Rock Pool.